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10 Mac Setup Tips

Running time: 11:30

Here are 10 things you should do right after you install OS X.


Address Book 101

Running time: 8:29

Learn the basics of Apple's contact manager in this tutorial for beginners.


Aperture 101

Running time: 16:54

Learn the basics of Apple's pro photo management and editing software in this 101-level screencast.


Custom Card Templates

Running time: 1:32

If you manage a lot of Address Book contacts, it's helpful to create a custom card template to save yourself time and clicks.


DigitalColor Meter

Running time: 4:57

DigitalColor Meter is a little color sampling app bundled with OS X that you might not know about it.


Enhancing iWeb with Wufoo

Running time: 4:43

While iWeb makes it easy to add just about any type of content to your website, forms are not one of them. Thankfully, Wufoo simplifies that process.


Excel to Numbers

Running time: 10:26

Making a software transition can be a bit daunting. We'll cover the differences between Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers so you can make an educated decision on which spreadsheet application is right for you.


Final Cut Pro 101

Running time: 25:27

We'll show you the core of using Final Cut Pro so you can get started editing, rendering and exporting videos right away!


Font Management

Running time: 15:46

Learn how to install and organize fonts in OS X using Font Book, FontExplorer and Fontcase!


GarageBand 101

Running time: 13:34

Learn the basics of Apple's music creation software, GarageBand. We'll cover Magic GarageBand, loops, and sharing your creation.


GarageBand: Chiptunes

Running time: 7:24

Ah the nostalgic days of 8-bit video games and their soundtracks! Learn how to create those signature 8-bit sounds in GarageBand, called chiptunes.



Running time: 7:17

Growl is an unobtrusive notification system for OS X. We'll cover setup, customization and adding apps for use with Growl.


HTML Signatures in Mail

Running time: 5:09

Creating custom HTML email signatures in Apple's Mail app requires a little bit of trickery, but we'll show you how to pull it off with ease.


iCal 101

Running time: 15:05

Learn the basics of Apple's calendar application, iCal. You'll learn everything from creating events to completing to-do items.


iChat 101

Running time: 6:47

iChat allows you to chat with friends, share files, share your screen and more. We'll walk you through everything you need to know to get up and running.


iDVD 101

Running time: 17:08

Learn how to create menus, import multiple movies, create slideshows, burn DVDs and more with Apple's DVD creation software.


iMovie 101

Running time: 20:03

Learn the basics of creating and editing video in this intro level tutorial into Apple's iMovie video editing application.


Install & Uninstall Apps

Running time: 5:10

Installing and uninstalling apps on a Mac is deceptively easy for many people, especially if you're making the switch from the Windows world.


iTunes 101

Running time: 13:20

Learn the basics of organizing your music, importing albums, using the iTunes store and making the most of the Genius feature.


iWeb 101

Running time: 12:41

In this intro screencast we'll cover how to customize an iWeb template, import your own photos and videos and then publish your newly created site.


Keynote Transitions & Effects

Running time: 8:26

Using transitions and effects in your Keynote presentations can really help keep your audience engaged. We'll show you how to get started creating transitions and effects right away.


Keynote: Advanced Image Editing

Running time: 10:03

Did you know Keynote has imaged editing capabilities baked right in? We'll show you what they are and how to use them.


Kidproofing Your Mac

Running time: 11:09

It can be a lot of work to keep your kids safe (or just out of trouble), but OS X makes it easier with its built-in Parental Controls.


Logic Pro 101

Running time: 20:56

We'll walk you through the interface and basics of Logic Pro, Apple's pro-level audio workstation software, in this introduction screencast.


Logic Pro: Recording

Running time: 20:19

Learn the basics of recording in Apple's Logic Pro audio workstation software.


Mac Browsers

Running time: 6:03

Settling on the right browser can be a little overwhelming, so we'll take a look at Safari, Firefox and Chrome to help you decide which one is best for you.


Mail 101

Running time: 14:39

Learn how to get a POP or IMAP account setup in Apple's Mail application as well as how to send and organize your mail.


Numbers 101

Running time: 12:34

In this introduction to Numbers, Apple's spreadsheet application, we'll cover tables, functions, templates and more.


Numbers: Conditional Formatting

Running time: 10:06

We'll show you how to apply conditional formatting to the contents of table cells based on certain rules in this Numbers screencast.


Pages 101

Running time: 26:19

Learn the basics of Pages, Apple's word processing and layout application, in this tutorial for beginners.


Podcasting: Publishing

Running time: 19:10

Learn how to publish podcasts using self-publishing tools as well as third-party tools that are cheap or even free!


Podcasting: Recording

Running time: 17:03

Learn how to start recording podcasts using the tools you already have!



Running time: 14:14

In this in-depth screencast on Preview, we'll cover all the things you can do with PDFs and images. Everything from combining documents to editing images.


Printer Setup

Running time: 7:30

We'll walk you through setting up a new printer and creating printer presets.


Printer Sharing

Running time: 2:47

The following how-to video will walk you through the basics of printer sharing on the Mac. You’ll learn both how to set up and how to access printers on a network.


Quick Search Box

Running time: 8:35

Quick Search Box is a search box application that allows you to search both your computer and data across the web.


Safari 101

Running time: 9:27

Learn the basics of Apple's web browser, Safari. Covers everything from Bookmarks to Top Sites.


Saving Time With Dashboard

Running time: 6:55

Learn how to use Dashboard Widgets to save time on the Internet. We'll walk you through adding, using, and finding widgets.


Screen & File Sharing

Running time: 5:14

Learn how to share your screen and files with other computers on your network using built-in OS X sharing tools.


Sharing With MobileMe

Running time: 3:15

Apple's MobileMe service is a great way to share files with others. We'll show you how to do that in this episode.


Smart Playlists

Running time: 3:09

Creating playlists manually can be tedious, thankfully iTunes has a Smart Playlists feature that lets you dynamically create playlists based on a slew of variables!


System Preferences

Running time: 42:35

Our comprehensive look at every single System Preference pane. Learn the in's and out's of customizing your system to work exactly how you want.


The Jellybean Trick

Running time: 2:22

Use the Jellybean Trick to expand your Applications folder when downloading stubborn DMG files.


Wi-Fi Internet Sharing

Running time: 5:00

Learn how to share your Wi-Fi Internet connection with others nearby via Airport.


Word to Pages

Running time: 11:40

Making a software transition can be a bit daunting. We'll cover the differences between Microsoft Word and Apple Pages so you can make an educated decision on which word processing application is right for you.